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Pay Or Receive The Correct Amount Of Child Support in Queens, NY

Child support is a legal and moral obligation for parents, whether they are married, divorced or single parents from the beginning. If the court determines that you should receive child support, you will naturally want confirmation that the amount specified in the court order is adequate. On the other hand, if you should pay child support, you will want to be sure the calculations seen by the court do not exceed what is reasonable.

Regardless of which side of the child support equation pertains to you, you will want to have an experienced, dependable Queens child support attorney on your side to watch out for your interests. At Sager Gellerman Eisner LLP, you will have the opportunity to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience representing professionals, high net worth individuals and parents from all walks of life.

Getting Queens Child Support Right From The Start

Determining which parent should pay the other, and how much they should pay, is a process including these steps:

  • Each parent’s income and their big financial pictures will be examined.
  • Each parent’s expenses will also figure into the equation.
  • From the total income of both parents combined, the court will assess an overall percentage to arrive at the child support figure. The percentage will depend on how many children should receive support.

Based on these calculations, the court will specify how much Queens child support one parent will need to pay the other. This amount will be part of the child support court order contained in a divorce decree or there may be a standalone order.

The end result of child support calculations will have a lasting impact on every member of the family: the paying parent, the receiving parent and the child or children whose lifestyles may vary depending on the outcome.

Protect Your Financial Future As Child Support Is Under Consideration

Is the other parent hiding income? With more than 100 combined years of experience, our attorneys often discover schemes such as when parents disguise income by claiming unjustified alleged business expenses. We are skilled at uncovering the truth and getting correctly determined child support for our clients. We also prevent unfair child support calculations to protect our clients who will pay child support.

To discuss your Queens child support and custody or a proposed child support modification with a knowledgeable advocate for you and your child(ren), contact our Queens office at 888-699-4113 or our Garden City office at 888-699-4113. You can also send us an email for a prompt response.